Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The good doctor returns

Again—the hour has produced the man. Hunter Thompson writes again:

When I went into the clinic last April 30, George Bush was about 50 points ahead of his closest Democratic opponent in next year's Presidential Election. When I finally escaped from the horrible place, less than three weeks late, Bush's job-approval ratings had been cut in half -- and even down into single digits, in some states -- and the Republican Party was panicked and on the run. It was a staggering reversal in a very short time, even shorter than it took for his equally crooked father to drop from 93 percent approval, down to as low as 43 percent and even 41 percent in the last doomed days of the first doomed Bush Administration. After that, he was Bill Clinton's punching bag.

Let's hope he's right. Frankly, I always saw Thompson as a master of the telling detail, and his latest screed is a little thin on detail—but it's always nice to see a real professional at work. Wish the administration had more of them. (thanks to alert reader ras_nesta)