Wednesday, July 23, 2003

A little skepticism in order, perhaps?

Richard Oppel of the Herald Trib writes:

The homeowner [of the house where Saddam's sons were killed], Zidan, had a fondness for bragging that he was kin to Saddam, the neighbors say.

One old hand in the neighborhood, Ali Jajawi, a retired Iraqi general who lives nearby, said Wednesday night that revenge could have played a role - if Zidan was indeed the tipster.

Earlier, Zidan "always was trying to be near the important people in the Ba'ath Party and the security people," Jajawi said. But after his brother was arrested, "he was hating Saddam very much, and it is very hard to believe that Uday and Qusay went to that house." For that reason, Jajawi remains skeptical it was the two brothers who died - despite the insistence of U.S. officials.

Oh well. I'm sure dental records will convince him.

A missed opportunity to do a Manuel Noriega on Saddam's sons, since we had the house surrounded the previous night (back).

A perp walk, followed by trial for war crimes in the Hague tribunal, would have been a lot more convincing.

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Saddam is evil. Saddam's sons are evil.