Saturday, July 12, 2003

No! Look! Over there!

North Korea...

Probably a worse threat than Iraq, right? Then again, after what we know now about Iraq, maybe not. Anyhow, here's the money paragraph:

Sources said this month that American surveillance satellites identified a North Korean site about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of the Yongbyon complex that "may or may not" be a testing facility for the development of a nuclear weapon small enough to be put atop a missile.

Well, there you have it! "May or may not be..."

Now that's an evaluation any intelligence professional can get behind. And after what Bush did to George "Plank Boy" Tenet, the analysts are going to be in CYA mode 24/7. Our intelligence process is now 100% politicized.

Too bad Bush sunk half our troops in the Iraqi quagmire, stiffed the UN, and alienated our allies. Do these guys know how to do anything with our assets but loot them and trash them?