Saturday, July 12, 2003

Our CEO President passes the buck

Ever had a boss like that? I have. It's not a pretty sight . (Click through for detail.)

Where does the buck really stop?

Former White House advisor David Gergen, who was a major player in crafting State of the Union adresses under Presidents Reagan and Clinton, told CBS News Correspondent Jim Acosta it's not enough for Tenet to take the blame.

"Somebody in the administration, not in the agency, not at the CIA, wanted to put this in the speech and got the CIA to sign off on it, even though everybody knew within the U.S. government that there were real doubts about the validity of the report. And that's what constitutes the misleading quality of it."

I can understand the President's desire to "move on" -- I sure would, if I'd used false statements in making the case for war to the American people -- but wouldn't be best to find out where the buck stops before we do that?

UPDATE: For comparison purposes. (From alert reader michael in dc)