Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Pierce on Barnes

Charles Pierce adds his two cents over at Altercation:

Charles Pierce
Hometown: Newton, MA
Eric —
After a pretty bad couple of years for we Papists, it’s nice to see some chaos elsewhere among the various domestic monotheistic popstands. First, it’s pretty clear that the Episcopalians — or, as the great Dan Jenkins once referred to them, “Catholics without calisthenics” — have pretty clearly been thrown into a tizzy by a last-minute smear job at least partly abetted by elements of Mr. Murdoch’s remarkably advertising-free little magazines. Note to Freddy The Beatle Barnes: John McLaughlin was defrocked. You were never frocked at all. God really wants you to stay out of this and resume pruning the bushes in the Rose Garden.
And you, boychick, have your own problems. On yesterday’s installment of Buchanan and Press, some Newsmax changeling defended Mel Gibson’s Jesus movie against charges of anti-semitism by citing “prominent Jewish leaders” who had seen the film and approved. These PJL’s were, he said, were: David Horowitz, Michael Medved, and Dennis Prager.
Horowitz. Medved. Prager.
The American Sanhedrin.
Good luck with that. Or, as we’re often saying around the Holy Office in Rome these days: Oy!
See you Friday.