Tuesday, August 05, 2003

White House Owes Blix an Apology

As he does the families of every dead soldier.

UN weapons inspectors were in Iraq for 111 days, ending March 18, 2003 when the Bush Administration said, "They've had enough time."

Unless we're going to accept that an Iraqi scientist, who on his own, decided to bury some pieces of a uranium-extracting centrifuge in his backyard TWELVE YEARS AGO as evidence of Saddam Hussein's having WMD at the ready, we have officially now spent more time not finding WMD in Iraq than the UN inspectors did.

So, any time soon will we be hearing the following from the White House?

"We've had more than enough time," declares President Bush. "I'm giving us 48 hours to get out of Iraq there or we're going in."

I'm not holding my breath.

If I remember it right, Hans Blix and approximate 250 inspectors were deemed by many as inept. The number of "coalition" forces now in Iraq numbers around 150,000.

If I remember it right, AM radio added "incompetent", "bungling", "sloppy" and in some cases "in bed with Saddam" to the damning list.