Friday, September 26, 2003


Long time viewers of the factor know that I, Bill O'Atrios, am a tireless crusader against the death penalty. I'm a Catholic, and the it's against my religion, and it's just wrong, you see. Absolutely and totally utterly wrong. In fact, anyone who supports the death penalty is human filth, lower than anything except maybe Al Franken.

But, aren't we taking this no "cruel and unusual punishment" thing too far? I gotta tell you, and my pals back in Levittown would agree, that people who falsely claim to be American citizens when they aren't deserve a hideous painful death. Sure, sure, it turns out the guy is actually a citizen, but it isn't John Ashcroft's fault he didn't make that clear enough. A lotta strange looking people walking around, and some of them aren't citizens. How are we to tell? I mean, if the military is giving people highly sensitive jobs and can't even tell, how can you expect Bill O'Reilly to tell?