Thursday, January 22, 2004

Summary Judgment

The debate is still going on NH, I believe, but Fox has cut. So here's my take - just + , neutral, or minus without commentary.

I'm going to do this two ways. First, my judgments. Second the judgment of the hypothetical mind of the average New Hampshire voter which I claim to know. The latter, of course, is pure speculation. And both depend on the baseline judgments.

My personal judgments - how I thought they did personally, if I were the voter they were trying to convince:

Lieberman - neutral
Kerry - minus
Edwards - plus
Dean - neutral
Sharpton - minus
Kucinich - neutral
Clark - plus

My fake mindreading:

Lieberman - ?
Kerry - minus
Edwards - neutral
Dean - plus
Sharpton - minus
Kucinich - minus
Clark - neutral