Thursday, February 05, 2004

My Favorite "Non-Liberal" Blogs, Part I.

Just to show some love to the other side for a change.

NZ Bear. He does that ecosystem thing and seems like a nice bear.

Cato the Youngest. Actually, I've never read this blog before, but it's a catchy name.

The CounterRevolutionary Ditto.

Cranky Professor He's cranky. He's a professor. What's not to love?

Lone Dissenter S/he sure does sound courageous, though s/he seems to have stopped blogging.

Blissful Knowledge It appears to be written by a superhero. That's pretty damn cool.

Misha. He is a very very nice doggie. Woof!

Tacitus. Well, he isn't nearly as polite as he keeps telling us, but he does have a cool name.

The Volokh Conspiracy My favorite is Juan Non-Volokh. I'm not sure why. His bio is fascinating.