Thursday, February 05, 2004

Russert's Rep On the Line

His big moment is Sunday. Nick Confessore has this to say:

This should really get Russert's goat, if it hasn't already. For President Bush -- a man famously bad on his feet, who has created problems for himself at virtually every single one of the few press conferences he has given -- to put himself in Russert's hands for a full hour, when a few simple questions are all that are needed to break this story wide open, would seem to be a real risk. Unless you believe, as some folks do, that Russert's reputation for toughness is at best lived up to erratically, and at worse undeserved. Will Russert prove his critics right, or will he prove them wrong?

My guess is Russert will prove his critics right, while simultaneously proving that when there's a choice between sucking up to Republican power or proving your cred as a journalist, it's a no-brainer. Then we can cease all discussion on this topic and simply recognize the truth.