Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Thanks to all who have been donating. I don't have a precise number, but the average donation appears to be about $25. As I said when I began pledge week, my hope was if a small but non trivial percentage of readers gave a modest donation, that multiplied together the resulting total would be nontrivial. There have been a few extraordinarily generous large donations, which are of course nice too.

I'm still working on a mail-in-donation solution...

As for the total donations, if there's sufficient desire to know I'll post it at the end. My preference is to not, as no matter what it'll be the "wrong" number -- you know, it'll simultaneously be "he didn't raise as much money as Andrew Sullivan!" and "how dare people give so much money to pay some guy to sit in his pajamas and post links to news articles all day!" But, like I said, if people want to know I'll add it all up at the end.

And, I say again, if the Cornerites raise more than me the terrorists will have won!