Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Just stunning.

...The Mighty Reason Man adds in the comments to that post something which deserves wider readership:

And right here we have a perfect example of one of the things I truly despise about Reynolds.

For the longest time, I couldn't put my finger on it, but after a while, you start to notice just how often he throws around implied threats.

The only way freedom of the press could be curtailed (aside from the vague boundaries enacted by executive management) would be through government intervention - something that a large enough block of angry conservative voters could theoretically initiate.

From most other people, I would see such a question as the raising of a legitimate concern - perhaps not a concern that is warranted, but nothing out of line.

But I don't for a second believe that Reynolds' question is an innocent one. This is not "we should be concerned, because something potentially dangerous could happen," not when he spends every goddamn day pounding his little web lectern and railing against media bias.

He's not a neutral observer of the "large and active minority," he wants to be their leader. Hell, he may even think he already is.

It's as if I stood on a street corner screaming about the malevolence of the homeless, and then asked a homeless guy how long he thought he would survive if a large mob bent on hanging winos were to suddenly form in the vicinity.

How, then, can this be interpreted as anything other than "how long before the people I represent use their influence to forcibly 'balance' the news"?

The sentiment that if the media won't conform to his views, they should have their freedoms taken away puts the absolute lie to his bullshit brand of libertarianism -- which itself, it is increasingly clear, is merely a rhetorical inoculation against the uglier aspects of modern Republicanism, due to the much more socially permissive stance of his audience versus the common run of Republican.

Even though TMRM is a total slacker loser who never bothers to update his blog.

...apparently this is the wingnut talking point of the week. From Tony Blankley:

It is heartbreaking, though no longer perplexing, that the president's political and media opposition want the president's defeat more than America's victory. But that is the price we must pay for living in a free country. (Sedition laws almost surely would be found unconstitutional, currently — although things may change after the next terrorist attack in America.)

Fucking fascists.
(tip from penalcolony)