Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Green Party "Strange"

Says Nader.

A day after not getting the Green Party's endorsement for president, Ralph Nader brushed off the rejection as an inconvenience, described the party as "strange," called the party's national nominating convention "a cabal" and predicted who the big loser in its decision not to endorse him would be.

I have nothing against 3rd parties organizing and running candidates in places they could conceivably win. I have nothing against them finding ways to use national elections in productive ways to garner attention, either, as long as they're sensible about it. I was even sympathetic to the election '00 goal of getting enough votes to qualify for federal funds, which probably could have been achieved fairly easily had Nader campaigned sensibly. My problem with Nader and gang was that they helped further the press-pushed idea that it didn't really matter if we elected Bush or Al "Earth in the Balance" Gore, because, well, they weren't all that different really, along with the fact that Nader wasn't campaigning in a way which would end up furthering the goals of the Green party.

But, now that the Greens and Nader have gotten a divorce, what will the self-righteous greenshirts who post obsessively in the comments tell us to do? So confusing...