Friday, July 23, 2004

A Bit Confused

I'm really not following the spin on the Bush records release.

The Pentagon on Friday released newly discovered payroll records from President Bush's 1972 service in the Alabama National Guard, though the records shed no new light on the future president's activities during that summer.
A Pentagon official said the earlier contention that the records were destroyed was an "inadvertent oversight."

Like records released earlier by the White House, the newly released computerized payroll records show no indication Bush drilled with the Alabama unit during July, August and September of 1972. Pay records covering all of 1972, released previously, also indicated no guard service for Bush during those three months.

The records do not give any new information toward determining whether Bush kept his National Guard commitments during 1972, when he transferred to the Alabama National Guard unit so he could work on the U.S. Senate campaign of a family friend.

Well, I suppose they don't shed any new light as long as we all agree that he was AWOL for three or more months, technically Desertion, and these records confirm it.

And, while we're on this story, what was the reason we didn't get to the bottom of this 4 years ago.

Oh, and one more thing.

I continued flying with my unit for the next several years [after completing training in June 1970]

claimed Bush in his autobiography A Charge to Keep. That, we've known for years, is bullshit as he stopped flying 22 months later. Tell me again why the liberal media doesn't care that Bush lies about his military service? Tell me again why the military doesn't care that Bush lies about his military service?