Friday, July 23, 2004

Let's Roll

New York Times vs. AP


Then a passenger yelled, "Roll it!" While earlier accounts reported the phrase as "Let's roll," which was repeated in speeches by President Bush and became the title of a bestseller, some aviation experts have speculated that this was actually a reference to a food cart, being used as a battering ram.


With the words ``Let's roll,'' passengers rushed down the airliner's narrow aisle to try to overwhelm the hijackers.

Relying on the cockpit recorder and flight data, the commission said terrorist-pilot Ziad Jarrah violently rocked the jet's wings and told another hijacker to block the door. With the sounds of fighting outside the cockpit, Jarrah asked, ``Is that it? Shall we finish it off?''

Another hijacker, who wasn't identified, replied, ``No, not yet. When they all come, we finish it off.''

Jarrah then began pitching the nose of the plane up and down to throw passengers off balance.

Seconds later, a passenger who wasn't identified yelled, ``In the cockpit! If we don't, we die!'' And 16 seconds afterward, another passenger yelled, ``Roll it!'' Investigators previously have said they believe passengers tried to use a food cart to break the cockpit door. be clear, I don't really care if someone said "let's roll a joint" or "roll it" or "it's cold" or all of the above. I'm not trying to take away from the fact that apparently these brave people took action. Just highlighting the contradiction between the two reports...