Thursday, August 12, 2004

Four Months, Newspaper Edition

AJC, 8/11:

Vietnam communists are advising the Islamic terrorists on how to handle John Kerry: Wound him slightly and often and he'll leave the Middle East in four months.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kevin O'Brien, 8/11

Are they truly hoping that Americans will focus so cooperatively on John Kerry’s four months of doing the right thing in Vietnam that they’ll forget that he’s spent the rest of his adult life doing the wrong thing with nearly perfect consistency?

LTTE, St. Petersburg Times, 8/11:

For instance, why did he leave his crew in Vietnam after serving just over four months?

LTTE, LA Times, 08/10:

As far as I can tell the reasons Kerry offers for people to vote for him are that he served in Vietnam for four months on a Swift boat 35 years ago;

Marsha Mercer, Tampa Tribune, 08/09:

Kerry received three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star during his four months in Vietnam.

Boston Herald, op-Ed, 08/07:

By making his four months of service in Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign for the presidency, Sen.

John Kerry himself invites further scrutiny of that service.

LTTE, Newsday, 08/06:

He avoided hot topics like abortion, gay marriage and gun control and spent most of his time peddling stories of four months in Vietnam 35 years ago.

AJC, the Vent, 08/05:

John Kerry spent four months fighting communism and then spent the next 30 years fighting capitalism.

Linda Chavez, 08/05/2004:

But Mr. Kerry's insistence on making his four-month tour of duty in Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign could backfire as Americans learn more about what he did in that country and, more important, what he did when he returned home.

David Brooks, 07/31:

For though convention viewers may not be aware of it, Kerry has actually had a career since his four months in Vietnam -- mostly in the Senate.

Cal Thomas, 08/03:

Kerry repeatedly brings up his four-month service in Vietnam.

Adam Nagourney, NYT, 08/01, reporting Republican spin without correction:

Entering a four week run-up to the unusually late Republican convention, Mr. Bush's aides said they had laid out a week-by-week in plan in which Mr. Bush would talk about his accomplishments and his second-term agenda. But they said they would also try to blunt what Democrats and Republicans said was a successful four-day Democratic convention focused on Mr. Kerry's veteran credentials by turning attention from what they described as his brief four-month tour in Vietnam to his 20 years in Washington.

LTTE, San Diego Tribune, 8/3

He did spend four months in Vietnam. Since his return, the only consistent factors of his life have been undermining our national defense, and promoting himself.