Thursday, August 12, 2004

Four Months

I really can't believe the Post put this in their op-ed:

Mr. Kerry's four-plus months in Vietnam made for an unusually short tour.

But, they're in good company:
We have Fred Barnes on Fox Special Report (8/10)

I wonder what John McCain thinks about Kerry using his four-month record in Vietnam as the centerpiece of his campaign?

Fred Barnes again (8/9)

Now, if he I telling things that are not true about his four months in Vietnam, then that's important.

Again, same day:

Well, it's also part of the record that he left after four months on the basis of three flesh wounds and not many others did that.

David calling into Talk of the Nation on 08/09:

I read in the Boston (technical difficulties) Web site that Kerry could have only served four months in Vietnam.

Uncorrected by the host, Neal Conan.
Mara Liasson, falsely correcting a false statement by Gigot, on Fox News Sunday, (08/08)

GIGOT: You know, Kerry's got a lot of other legitimate vulnerabilities, including that asterisk he's put next to his 20 years in the Senate in that speech. I mean, that's what really ought to concern people, because I think Kerry has also overdone his Vietnam record and tried to say, "Look, because I spent four years in Vietnam, therefore I deserve to be president." I think his Senate record is a much better indicator.

LIASSON: Four months in Vietnam.

GIGOT: Four months, yes.

Novak on Crossfire, 08/07:

I have some question whether 30 years later you should be inspecting the minutiae, the record of John Kerry, which is a very questionable record, how he got his decorations, his very short term of duty, four months of combat, one third of the time.

Tucker Carlson, 08/06, Crossfire:

Kerry has turned his four months in Vietnam into the rationale for an entire presidential campaign.

Republican Chris Horner, on Hannity and Colmes, 08/06:

It is his claims, it is his stake to the presidency on not 19 years in the Senate but four months of Vietnam.

Mara Liasson, 08/06, Talk of the Nation:

Indeed he focuses so much on his four months in Vietnam that critics say he has virtually ignored his 20 years as a United States senator.

Hannity, H&C, 08/05:

You were there with John Kerry for three of the four months that he was there, correct?

Horner, again, John Gibson's show 08/05:

let's talk about the two things that John Kerry thinks qualify him for the White House: the four months in Vietnam and the 19 years in the Senate.

Craig Crawford, from Congressional Quarterly, on CNC's Capital Report:

He wants to run on his four months in Vietnam more than his party or his voting record.

Mary Matalin, on Steffie's show, 08/01:

Four months of honorable service in the height of the Cold War where the national strategies, national security strategies were radically different than what we need today, he's trapped in that thinking.

Novak, 07/31, Capital Gang:

that the tremendous attention for that whole convention, Thursday night, for the whole convention, on his four months in Vietnam is -- is...

Craig Crawford, CBS Political Analyst, the Early Show 07/30:

Well, I think John Kerry hopes to run on his four months in Vietnam as opposed to his many decades in Congress, especially his own votes on the war.

Jeff Greenfield, on Aaron Brown's show, 07/30:

The resume is thin. We heard a lot more about his four months in Vietnam than about 20 years in the Senate.

And on and on...