Sunday, February 06, 2005

Place Your Bets

Eagles vs. Patriots.

I suggest we choose a charity for each team. If the Pats win, all us betting on the Eagles have to donate to the American Friends Service Committee (Ntodd's choice).

I'm going local. If the Eagles win, all you New England losers have to donate your bet to Project Home.

Count me in for $50. Pledge your bets in comments here or at Ntodd's place or on your blog, if you have one. I'll throw up a link to everyone's blog who's in (subject to my ability to keep up).

Betting on the Eagles:
Coast Pulse
Funny Farm
Two Glasses
Throwing Things
Culture Ghost
Stinging Nettle

Betting on the Pats:

alt hippo
Carpe Datum
Fester's Place
Crooks and Liars
Something Requisitely Witt and Urbane