Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pumpkinhead -- Still a Moron

Goddamn Russert. Today:

We have a situation where the number on people in Social Security is going to double. People, rather than spending 15 months, are going to spend 15 years.

Timmah's referring to the notion that because life expectancy was much lower in 1945, people only lived long enough to get 15 months worth. As I explained previously:

Um, Timmy? No. There's a difference between life expectancy at birth, and life expectancy at 65. According to the folks at the SSA, for the cohort of people who turned 65 in 1945, 53.9% of men and 60.6% of females survived from age 21-65. And, for those made it that long - survived until 65 - on average males lived until they were 77.7 and females lived until they were 79.7.

One month later, and Timmy still can't get his facts straight.