Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bankruptcy Day

Call your Senator and demand that they oppose this bill. Inform them that this has gotten little public debate and they shold vote against cloture.

Senate switchboard:

(202) 224-3121

And, we can all call Joe Biden and tell Senator MBNA to kiss his presidential aspirations goodbye.


Anna provides some extra ammo:

# Why are senators allowing multi-millionaires to shield their assets but not average families? Under the bill, the very wealthy would be able to shield millions in assets after declaring bankruptcy by setting up "asset protection trusts." Schumer lamented "now we have a bill that says a family won't be protected if it has $50,000, but it will if it has $5 million.

# Why are senators going after seniors with huge medical bills? The bill will be especially hard on elderly Americans, who are bankrupted by medical bills with increasing frequency.

# Democratic and Republican senators should put the interests of Americans above those of the credit card industry. The credit card industry raked in $30 billion in profits last year, some of which is clearly being spent to grease the palms of Washington politicians. Bankruptcy hasn't hurt the credit card companies one iota.

Specific senators to target, but also make sure you call your own senator even if you know s/he's on the right side of this. They need spine infusions at these moments.

Credit Card Corps
(Membership Total: 4)

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) Captain
Sen. Joe Biden (D-Delaware) Lieutenant
Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) Grunt
Sen. Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota) Grunt

Under Recruitment
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Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana)
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia)
Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Washington)
Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-Rhode Island)
Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)
Sen. Kent "the Kernel" Conrad (D-North Dakota)
Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-California)
Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wisconsin)
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Lousiana)
Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Connecticut)
Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas)
Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington)
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania)
Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine)