Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Democracy's Messy

Is it okay now to acknowledge that things in Lebanon are a bit messier (and, in fact, quite worrisome) than the 101st Fighting Keyboarders have been saying.

One reason I don't jump on every "yay! signs of protest by the good guys!" development or the latest "support the Iranian students!" calls which I regularly get in email is that some times these things end very badly. It's all very nice to support dissident movements and protests, but it's very easy to do when you're not the one facing down a billy club or a tank or in a country falling into civil war.

But, for more specifics get your smart commentary on Lebanon elsewhere. Don't know a damn thing about the place.

..just to add, there's a difference between "supporting" as in "advocating that people who are in a position to actually do something constructive for your cause get out there and do it" and "supporting" as in "posting up pictures of hot Lebanese chicks and talking about how this validates your support for the Iraq war." The former is possibly constructive and therefore actual "support" while the latter is just wankery with added wank.