Saturday, March 19, 2005

Jonah's Mission

Ah, finally Jonah Goldberg will be able to live out his dream of serving this fine nation, now that the age of eligibility has been lifted to 40.

Moreover, military leaders are taking steps to ease stress on the troops by temporarily boosting ranks; rebalancing forces to add badly needed infantry, military police and civil affairs troops; and employing civilians where possible. Yesterday, defense officials worried about recruiting announced that they will raise the age limit, from 34 to 40, for enlistment in the Army Guard and Reserve. The Pentagon is spending billions to repair and replace battle-worn equipment and buy extra armor, radios, weapons and other gear.

Yet such remedies take time, and no one, including senior officials, can predict how long the all-volunteer force can sustain this accelerated wartime pace. Recruiting troubles, especially, threaten the force at its core. But with a return to the draft widely viewed as economically and politically untenable, senior military leaders say the nation's security depends on drumming up broader public support for service.

Jonah's example will inspire thousands of others to follow his lead.

(thanks to RK in comments)

...and, as Alice reminds us, Private Beinart will presumably be joining him.