Sunday, April 03, 2005


Gil Smart has a good column about the waning of the conservative movement. I think he's about right - it is probably at its apex, especially if they (and, please please do) keep clinging to Tom DeLay instead of throwing him overboard before he brings them all down.

The only we we'll get a massive conservative crackup is if they spend the next 18 months pushing Schiavo-esque issues onto the media and the rest of us. But, I think their recent behavior in the Schiavo case, and the probability that DeLay will cling to power for at least a few more months will lead enough people to decide enough is enough. They could still recover entirely from this if they do a 180 and send Randall Terry packing for awhile, but I don't think he's going anywhere. This is actually one place where CNN's (and others) complete deference to these wingnuts might actually be advantageous. Maybe we should write and suggest Mr. Terry gets his own show.