Sunday, April 03, 2005

Wingnuttery Everywhere

Whenever I do any sort of public presentation on blogging, one point I try to get across is that I appreciate all the attention being paid to bloggers and their ethics and their accuracy and their influence on journalism, but where have you been? Why has there been so little attention paid to talk radio, Regnery books, Fox News, etc...? All of these things, and other media outlets, have serious problems with accuracy and have certainly had a giant impact on the practice of journalism. Rampant wingnuttery filled with falsehoods surrounds us everywhere, but few dare mention it.

If I were running CNN, once I fired most of the people that worked there and replaced them with decent TV journalists, I'd get rid of their little daily blog show and replace it with the "Fox News Fuckup of the day." They could just steal it from Media Matters. Then I'd add a "crazy shit people are hearing on talk radio which aren't true" segment.