Thursday, May 12, 2005

Douchebag of Cowardice/Bloviator of Courage

From Eric Alterman:

There will be no Alterman versus Novak Debate.

"We regret to report that the Arthur N. Rupe Great Debate scheduled for May 25, 2005 has been canceled due to Robert Novak's unexpected withdrawal."

Perhaps la Douchebag needs dental work? Whatever he bailed -- I suggest you click link.

Meanwhile, here's a guy that is not afraid of a tussel.

British MP George Galloway says he is ready for an explosive confrontation with US senators who claim he received oil rights from Saddam Hussein's Iraq...The committee said it would be "pleased" for Mr Galloway to appear at a hearing in Washington on 17 May. The MP accepted, declaring he would take "them on in their own lions' den".

He told the BBC: "I'll be Daniel and I'll be triumphant".

Say what you want about Galloway, man has some guts.