Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wingnut Studies on the So-Called Liberal Media

Media Matters for America has looked at two recent right-wing studies, both of which found, not surprisingly, that the U.S. media heavily tilts liberal. And equally unsurprisingly, Media Matters shows that these studies have some very odd ways of getting to their findings. Their rules seem to be these:

1. If conservatives are mentioned more than liberals, then the news are biased against conservatives. You know, because liberals slip through undefined. Never mind if conservatives are more in the news because they happen to be in power. Never mind that conservatives might be mentioned more because the media caters to them and asks four conservatives to comment for each liberal.

2. If facts are on the side of the liberals they are "liberal talking points" and an equal number of "conservative talking points" should be added, even if they are not facts. So each "earth is round" statement should have a corresponding "earth is flat" statement.

Funny, I didn't find anything in these studies about how most of the media is in bed with this administration.