Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fighting for democracy

It seems clear to me from the comments that there are people who want to see action from our politicians and also to get involved with doing something to secure our voting systems. As far as I know, most of the bigshot national politicians are pretty much ignoring the issue. One person who isn't is of course Rep. John Conyers. Check out his weblog to see what he's been doing.

Tena has reminded us that there are a number of grass-roots organizations around this issue, and Common Cause has a focus on it, too.

Nothing is going to happen if we don't all put pressure on our own representatives at both the federal and local levels. But bear in mind that the states still have local control and it's no good waiting for people in Washington to take care of this. We need to contact our local elective officials and get our neighbors involved.

Democracy isn't just about politicians, it's about us. We have to do it.