Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Harry Reid throws down the Gauntlet & picks up a Chair!

I'm not keen on some stuff (the Bankruptcy Bill for instance) but by and large this guy has played Frist and the Republicans so far. And like Kos, I doubt he'd do it if he wasn't confident.

I believe there are two options for avoiding the nuclear showdown, which so many of us believe is bad for the Senate, and bad for America.

But I want to be clear: we are prepared for a vote on the nuclear option. Democrats will join responsible Republicans in a vote to uphold the constitutional principle of checks and balances...[he offers two alternatives, one negotiation the other a regular 2/3 rule change vote]...

...But if neither of these options is acceptable to you, let's vote.

I do so hope Harry has a lot of spare furniture laying around.