Thursday, May 12, 2005

"Oh, Davey!", Said Goliath, "What about the ball-gag and candlewax?"

Perhaps Bobo will turn out to be correct and Bolton will get confirmed (followed by a long night of celebratory passive/aggressive mustache rides). Still, this is getting dangerously into Rich Lowry territory:

The momentum has shifted on the Bolton nomination because John Bolton turns out to be a more complicated figure than earlier portrayed. It's become clear that earlier tales of him chasing women down hallways are unreliable. It's become clear that while he's abrasive, he is professional. If Senator George Voinovich reads these transcripts before he votes, I'm sure Bolton will be confirmed.
Unless, of course, Senator Voinovich isn't down with licking the boots of a dominitrix.

Holden points out Wolcott once again outsnarks me. Which makes me pea-green with jealousy. Naturally, I will take it out on some NRO editor at my blog today.