Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sorry Ike, we fucked it up

The New York Times writes of the "perils" of the Military-Industrial Complex being flush with cash thanks to all that freedom marching.

Ike, we have let you down.

You will search the article in vain for any indication that this is more than a problem between the shareholders and the Pentagon. Nowhere is it even implied that it could be troubling morally. That spending billions upon billions on killing machines could even be somewhat difficult to swallow for the citizenry at large. Especially with the proud members of the "Culture of Life".

We could have spent money on really helping people to be free as opposed to killing a bunch and then proclaiming those left, abstractly free. But just as disturbing is the implication in the article that we just collectively accept grotesque war profiteering.

Oh, and, speaking of Ike.