Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lois Murphy

Lois Murphy's one of the 3 candidates local to me that are in the Eschaton-approved list. This isn't simply local personal bias, though I have met Lois a few times, it's because it's one of those "if we can't win this seat we can't win many" issue. Murphy and her opponent, the loathsome Gerlach, spent about the same amount of money in 2004 - roughly $2 million bucks - and the Lois lost by just a few thousand votes. It's an odd congressional district, like many around here, but it is slowly trending Democratic.

They currently have about the same cash-on-hand, and once again overall have raised about the same amount. Still, every dollar counts.

So, consider helping out.

Howie Klein wrote about Lois here.