Friday, January 05, 2007

Mea Culpa? by Trent Lott

Here is what Lott said about the information that led to the Iraq occupation:

Matthews: I think [Vice President] Cheney had his thumb on the scale, do you agree? That they were pushing this war so hard, they were working to look at any evidence that backed the war and ignore any evidence that didn't back the war.

Lott: They were pushing the evidence that justified going to the war, a lot of us, Republicans and Democrats, were concerned about what we were told, and we bought the packet.

It may be unnecessary to point out that the last sentence doesn't really make sense. If "a lot" were concerned, why did they buy the packet?*

Hmmm. The times they are a-changing. Or the poll numbers, at least, given that most Americans think the Iraq adventure was a mistake.

Now even Oliver North is opposed to any manly surge in Iraq.
*It was pointed out in the comments that this makes perfect sense if what "a lot" were concerned was the contents of the evidence rather than its credibility. But then the question I have is why experienced politicians would simply buy evidence that was being "pushed" at them.