Friday, January 05, 2007

Prime Scrapple

I don't have a DSM IV handy but there's must be some term for the psychological mix of narcissism, delusion and misanthropy in these two remarks:

Lieberman: Iraq War has the next relationship to the next war as the Spanish Civil War had to World War II.


Kristol: Based on what I've been able to learn about the situation on the ground, and based on conversations with soldiers and experts, I think a new strategy for victory supported by additional forces has a good chance of success.

Maybe I just need to hit my head on Watertiger's desk.

Or better yet bring it down upon the brow of others?

UPDATE: Just to further the absurdity of this whole escalation-surge-bump scenario, there are not 50,000 more troops available, there are not 40,000, there are not 20,000. No, there are 9,000 available.

This is as big a murderous fraud as the original war was to begin with.

Chairs use em!

Glenn Greenwaldian UPDATE II: Chicago Dyke actually attended today's experiment in cognitive dissonance and makes a report.