Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Powerful Bloggers

We aren't that powerful, of course, and frankly we're generally easily ignored. My scalp collection is fairly small, in fact, and my opportunities to, say, testify to Congress have thus far been limited to a bit of time with my BFF Bob Ney (R-Federal Correctional Institute, Morgantown) on a subject nothing to do with who and when we should be bombing people.

But for some reason we get under their skins. Weird.

...adding, I'm not really sure why Yglesias imagines himself to be to the right of Greenwald. Despite reading his blog all the time and meeting him in person a few times I actually have little idea what Glenn's politics are, aside from basic constitutional concerns about civil liberties and tendency to disapprove of presidential lawbreaking. And even his constitutional concerns seem to be just that - less a positive case for a set of policies or laws and more a basic concern that the constitution as written and generally understood is followed. That's not to say he has no political beliefs, just that his tendency to highlight the absurd parameters of our mainstream discourse on a variety of subjects doesn't actually usually signal where he personally stands on a lot of these issues.