Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scalping Ken Calvert

Most of the predictions in my little FU calendar are Iraq-related, but I thought this one from Red State's Eric "Son of Eric" Erickson was soooo cute I had to save it. Back when they were having temper tantrums about the immigration bill they were desperately trying to prove they were relevant, independent, and powerful instead of just cogs in the machine. I think 3 months ago, though I can't find a post date, he wrote:

When I declared war on Ken Calvert I made two points. First, his appointment is a sign the House GOP Leadership does not get it and they need to get it to win back the House. Second, unless we scalp a Republican, the GOP Leadership will not take us seriously.


So when you are calling Capitol Hill to complain about immigration, remember how seriously Republican leaders treat you.

And then think how much more seriously they treat you after we've scalped Ken Calvert.

I believe Calvert still has his scalp.