Sunday, June 12, 2011

Completely Urban

Regarding this:

The Wall is on Levering, a side street off Main Street, which is a (flat) six-block historic district dressed in red brick and bright awnings. The neighborhood sits fewer than 10 miles northwest of the city center but feels far removed, encased in a bubble that wards off the traffic, the noise and the crowds.

“It’s not urban and it’s not suburban,” said Elizabeth Paradiso, a five-year Manayunk resident who opened her cupcake shop, Sweet Elizabeth’s, last week. “You get the best of both worlds.”

The thing is that Manayunk is completely urban by any reasonable definition of the word, it's just that the word urban has come to mean to most people - even urban people! - something like that place near the skyscrapers were the urban highway dumps you out, there's a lot of traffic, and it costs a lot to park, along with some other urban theme parky places tourists go. And of course those places are urban, but the urban residential neighborhoods like Manayunk are completely urban too. Manayunk is quite far from the Philly downtown core, and so I get that people there probably don't feel all that connected to it, but it's still urban in its own right.