Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Internet Makes Things Easier

I spent jr. high/high school years in what were then the Philly exurbs, though we didn't call them that, and now it's an area that would be called suburbs proper. I didn't live anything close to walking distance to decent mass transit, though at some point I did become aware of the fact that somewhere were these trains that would take you into the city. Still I'm pretty sure I wasn't ever aware of all of the options. I don't think I knew that I could drive not all that far and take the Route 100/NHSL train to 69th st. to go see shows at The Tower Theater. I think if I had known that I would have gone to those shows, although not having alt-weekly distribution in my area I probably was often not aware of shows I would want to see.

Anyway, just making obvious point... information much easier to find now!