Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flattering lie

It's lost in the mists of time for me, but does anyone remember who came up with (and who promoted) the idea that liberal ideology is hard to defend and explain because it's all so "nuanced"?

I don't know, maybe they even believed that, maybe they meant well, but honestly, it's just not true. It's so not true that no one had any trouble believing in liberal ideals for a very long time.

And people still get tied up in the idea that all of these things are just too hard to explain, too complicated for most people to understand.

Really? Is it too hard to explain what we've known for thousands of years? Too hard to understand that huge concentrations of wealth are created by sucking wealth out of the larger economy and impoverishing the masses? That when all the powerful care about is getting and keeping more power, they are corrupt and destructive?

Is it really that mind-numbingly complex to understand that people want dignity and freedom and that making them so destitute and miserable that they will sell their souls and beg for crumbs does not give them that?

Are you sure?

Because I think these things are easy to explain.

Not Atrios