Monday, November 26, 2012


Kevin and I have disagreed on this for years, but what the hell would pundits talk about if not the need for entitlement reform.

On Social Security, I continue to hold the unpopular view the liberals would be well served if they could make a deal. Raise the income cutoff to get more revenue, change the inflation formula to cut benefits a bit, toss in a few other smallish items that would be phased in over 20 years, and you're done. Social Security would be off the table for decades.

Nothing will take Social Security off the table for decades. They could cut benefits in half and extend the expected solvency of the program for 12 trillion years, and the Washington Post would be back the next day informing us that this was a good down payment, but much more "reform" needs to happen blah blah blah.

They really do want to starve your granny.