Sunday, March 30, 2014

Really Big Or Really Small

Obviously this baby blue blog shouldn't be too critical of anybody's web site design, but a big mystery to me over the past few years is that all Exciting New Site Designs seem to be directed at people with really big screens or really small screens. As in, dual monitor 27" or mobile devices. More recently some sites seem to be redesigned with touch screens in mind (not crazy, but premature).

"Our website would be awesome if only everybody upgraded to 27" screens" is stupid. The future is likely mostly desktops with decent but not huge screens at work (those cubicles aren't so big), and medium sized notebooks and tablets otherwise. Also, too, smartphones, but those sites can be designed separately. The first time I saw GIANT DUAL MONITORS was when I visited an IT department, then I understood what was going wrong. People designing this stuff were designing it for their toys, not ours.