Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Happy Hour

Ted Kaufman, who served as Biden's replacement in the Senate for two years, has an op ed in the local rag outlining exactly why there have been no prosecutions of banksters. Bottom line, it's just not a priority, even though there has been a separate fund set up to do exactly that.

Angry? You bet I am. Even more angry than I was back in 2009 when, as a U.S. senator, I saw shocking paper trails that I believed would have convinced juries to convict some crooked CEOs if there were aggressive efforts to prosecute them. That’s why I worked hard for and co-sponsored the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, which in May 2009, gave an extra $55 million to the Justice Department over the next two years – over and above the Department’s normal appropriation. This money was specifically granted to bring to justice top executives who had engaged in fraud leading up to the financial meltdown.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.