Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just In Case

Yes it's always pooping in the punchbowl to say that the next great technology won't work as people expect. I'm happy to be wrong. That it doesn't work now does not mean that it will never work, and even if it doesn't work perfectly, well, people don't work perfectly either. Still I think this is a problem...
One owner found the car swerved in the direction of a lay-by when the white lines were not painted on both sides of the car, another swerved towards a car in the next lane while emitting warnings about an imminent side impact. The AutoPilot system has also been shown speeding and being pulled over by police.

Tesla is very clear about the fact that the driver is responsible for the car at all times and should be actively in control, despite the AutoPilot system: it will be the driver’s fault, not Tesla’s if the car ends up in a road traffic collision.

Yah good luck with that.

(ht reader ST)