Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trump or Bust

Back in the great and glorious era of Emperor George W. "Bunnypants" Bush, I used to joke about the 27%, which seemed to be the absolute bottom of any approval poll for Bush and symbolized the proportion of people who would vote Republican no matter what. Or, more specifically, the worse a Republican was, the happier they were. I think Trump was a bit of a Mule in this primary, so it's hard to see exactly where he fits in with the 27th. Absent Trump I'd think of them as Cruz voters in this year, but 27% of all voters=54% of Republican voters (roughly, of course), which is enough to win the Republican primary.

But the dust is settling a bit and Trump is doing well in national polls. Those polls don't really tell us much about the general election, but they do tell us something about the people of the greatest country on Earth that we have to make great again. A lot of them like Trump.

Trump voters include the 27 percenters, but there are more than that at the moment who say they want to vote for him. I guess my big question is... are the ranks of the 27 percenters really expanding or is Trump just a bit of a wildcard who has expanded his support by appealing to different groups of voters for different reasons?