Monday, September 12, 2016

Amateur Campaign Consultant

It's a bit difficult in a role - blogging! - which is admittedly largely about being right on the internet to resist the temptations of merely trying to be right on the internet. I figure my epic 37 part series on What The Clinton Campaign Should Do To Win will change the world for the better or affect the Clinton campaign not at all. That ship has a full crew and will do their thing no matter what I write on this blog, and there's already enough unsolicited (and hopefully generally unheard) advice from elsewhere.

A presidential campaign is largely theater wrapped around a core of policies, explicit and implied. The theater matter, I'm just not sure that yet another theater critic does.

Of course, depriving myself of putting on my Very Serious Political Journalist hat and commenting on "the optics" while making definitive statements about voter reactions absent any polls to back me up is, I admit, limiting. Much easier to feel it at you. But I try not to.