Monday, September 12, 2016

The Worst Prime Minister

It is true that David Cameron was horrible. It's also true that this mostly will never make it into the political discourse in the UK (except a few attempts by people like Owen Jones). He didn't just fail by the standards of his political opposition (an opposition which often failed to oppose), but he failed to live up to his own promises, both sincere and insincere. He's not the only one to blame. Austerity madness gripped almost everyone in power in the UK, even many members of the prominent Left, but as the Republicans here always do, Cameron used it as an excuse to abuse the less than rich and enrich those with more than enough. In truth, there wasn't even austerity, just a gutting of the social compact and social cohesion in the country. He lit the match to burn the place down and then ran out the back door.

...and as I was typing this, slammed it shut.