Friday, November 04, 2016

Real Britains

Things are so nutty in the UK right now that it gives me some kind of satisfaction that our politics aren't quite that crazy. Well, I guess I'll have wait until Wednesday to know that for sure.

Short version: the UK right wing press has basically adopted the line that pro-Brexit voters are the Real Britains and even disagreeing with the result of the referendum is borderline treasonous, or at least French. I don't even think they support Brexit, really, it's just the become a rallying point the way support for the Iraq war was here. Which side are you on? Britain's, or Europe's???

And in "keep the government out of my Medicare" form, there's a lot of "the EU transfer payments will continue after we leave the EU because we will drive a hard bargain!!!" (regional transfer payments, though not huge, exist for poor areas, not just poor countries in the EU) kind of thinking. Also, too, those bastards in the EU had better give us free mobility even as we deny it to them because reasons.

Nobody really knows what Brexit is about, but it's become about choosing sides. And it's pretty crazy.