Friday, November 04, 2016

Rich Preppers

What drives me nuts about preppers is like all end times cultists they basically want the end of the world to happen just so they can be proved fucking right. I guess this version of it is mostly harmless, but...

Ector, Texas, is a tiny, single-traffic light town most see only from the highway. But the pace in the century-old city is about to pick up. Just past the post office, work is now underway on a unique new neighborhood called Trident Lakes.

It is a $300 million project being built on 700 acres just west of Ector, with an emphasis on safety and sustainability.
Over the next few years, fields of grass will conceal 400 underground bunkers, a tunnel system and even a vault to store DNA.

It's all part of a plan to prepare for any impending doomsday.

"You get life assurances for when stuff really gets bad, but while you're at it you live in a five-star resort waiting for that doomsday," said Trident Lakes spokesman Richie Whitt.