Saturday, December 17, 2016

Their Swamp

Let's keep writing editorials about Teh College Kids and Their Bubblez of Intolerance.
We have learned a lesson, but too late. The question “Are we out of touch?” leads to “them and us”, which then morphs into “either us or them”. As we found in Turkey, the masses choose “them”. From that point you find yourself, like me, labelled “not real people” in your own country. Europe and the US will soon learn that being “elite” is not about social class or education: it is about obedience to one version of the truth.


An analogy came to mind: that this is like trying to play chess with a pigeon. Even if you win within the rules, the pigeon will clutter up the pieces, and finally it will shit on the chessboard, leaving you to deal with the mess. Farage, having told us to “cheer up”, and that this was “not a funeral”, did exactly that. Having dumbfounded the audience, he announced – as if fleeing a boring party – that he was off to meet Donald Trump in Washington.

But, really, both sides. In the US, on one side there are patchouli covered hippies who want free community college, single payer health care, and think racism and racists are kinda bad, and on the other side we have fascist racists and anti-semites who want take grandma's pension and let her die in the streets with no health care. Two sides of the same coin, really.