Saturday, December 17, 2016

Who Would Put Up With You?

Even other upper class twits eventually tire of lazy entitled narcissism.
The Foreign Secretary has confided in pals that he is worried about his future prospects under the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson has publicly clashed with Mrs May on a number of issues since she handed him the plum job after entering Number 10.

His defenders have a point. If you didn't want a feral peacock for the job, why did you hire one?
One senior Tory told PoliticsHome: ‘Boris is worried about it. When I saw him this week, he said: 'Number 10 are after me'.

"The way he’s being treated is ridiculous. If Theresa didn’t wanted a different type of Foreign Secretary then she shouldn’t have appointed him. But she has too much invested in him now to allow him to be undermined in this way."

Boris doesn't seem to get that when the Foreign Secretary speaks, he speaks for the Government, and they don't want to have to clean up peacock droppings everywhere he goes.