Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Pretty Obviously Bullshit

I know Putin is the Hitler of the Week and therefore being a bit skeptical about any claims about Russian activities is how you get thrown out of the Very Serious People club, but sometimes stories appear that are so transparently bullshit that shockingly they are revealed to be bullshit.

The investigation by officials began Friday, when the Vermont utility reported its alert to federal authorities, some of whom told The Washington Post that code associated with the Russian hackers had been discovered within the system of an unnamed Vermont utility. On Friday evening, The Post published its report, and Burlington Electric released a statement identifying itself as the utility in question and saying the firm had “detected the malware” in a single laptop. The company said in its statement that the laptop was not connected to its grid systems.

"Code associated with the Russian hackers" is the kind of phrase which almost certainly means "bullshit."

I see a lot of liberals screaming "but Putin is bad!" (true!) and "Russians interfered with the election!" (maybe true, but it's not quite clear who those Russians are and to what extent). But it's also interesting to know how these bullshit stories appear and get spread and then when shown to be false disappear until the next one.

Obligatory annoying disclaimer as the post will get me thrown on the "evil liberals who defend Putin!" list (hopefully it's cross referenced with the "evil liberals who defended Saddam!" list): I don't have any interest in defending Putin. That doesn't mean any bullshit about Russia is true, and at some point the more interesting question (as always) is why, if the truth is damning enough, do we need so much bullshit...